PURPLE VULTURE SHIT ....(1981-1983)
A wild home spun heavy metal alternative with juvenile lyrics, bizarre tuning and garbage bin percussion, back up screaming and surprising dedication by young punk vultures. Remembered for laying such a purple egg.

Ewan Cameron: Guitar and Vocal arrangements
Chris Casual:Vocals and toe biting
Chris Tunks: Bass
Kerry Kerosine: Back up screams
Scott Williams: Heavy metal percussion

Recorded on VHS By George Klestnis live at the Red Shed Adelaide 1981
Extremely rare and hillarious anarchic footage.
One track recorded on Black eyed records Waste Sausage 1983


BAD KITTEN ....(2006 - ....)
Every litter has one...a warped hillbilly rock out with singing saw and guitar.
Originals songs and rare 50s covers.
Developed as a street show.


Ewan Cameron: Guitar and Vocals
.............................: Singing Sa


FINK FINSTER ....(1993 - 1995)
Dark gothic rock with a wierd twist of humour sung in german and english. Sleazy slack rock

Ewan Cameron: Bass and Vocals
Mario Mentrup: Guitar and Vocals
Heiner Weiss: Drums and Back up Vocals
Delanie Davidson: Drums
Adam Nash: Keyboards

Recorded in A Zoo on Cassette 1994 Berlin by Alex Jost
Track on Spill 3 CD compilation Melbourne