Carnival of Hellucinations
has been directed by Ewan Cameron who has been producing many unique short plays, performances, scenarios and acts. Creating different unusual bizarre stories in a funny absurd fashion. Reminiscent of old cabaret, circus, film scenes, vaudeville, the group tackels diverse themes revealing in a wild mix of cartoon action. Devilish clowns knockabout in a quasi-sexy transgender bending humour. Grotesque but familiar to our real world the idiots run amuck and foolishly get tangled in gags, props, even furniture.
Armed with hats, make-up, boxes of noses, old wigs and big shoes.
The devoted artists show off there adventurous fantasy live.
A slapstick old commedia dell'arte and yet new and different with endless ideas, comic variations on a theme. Painted back drops hang in the back ground creating a living pop up puppet theatre.
Many artists and audience members have been invited to participate
to keep the action new and unpredictable.
Played in large theatres, clubs, street parades, circus tents even jails.
They can't wait......


Contact: Stichting to Hell - Plantage Doklaan 8- 12 - 1018 CM Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Email: - Telephone: 0031 020 4231955 - Mobile: 0031 0652125131