Art work
Ewan Cameron

The Artist shows us a deep dark archaic state of human existence situated in daily urban and suburban situations.
A bizarre combination and child naive way of painting combined with an adult eye on society.

Different layers of reality within one canvas, objects and situations.

Man's animal state placed in a dream world out of our deepest sources.

Arts professor Joachim Hartz

Elephant Circus 90 X 70 cm

Old Shoes 90 X 70 cm

Bat Family 90 X 70 cm

Lobster Bar 80 X 100 cm

Snake Club 100 X 110 cm

Grub Valley 85 X 70 cm

My Writing Lives 70 X 50 cm

Chaotic Rooms 80 X 80 cm

For the Love of Oil 70 X 90 cm

Sex Drive Road Kill 70 X 90 cm